What’s All This?

Favorite Day Living is the current incarnation of our lives following Ambling Full Tilt, our 15,000+ mile, six-month journey around the US in the indefatigable van known as “Charley.” This chapter is the continuation of our commitment to living life on our terms. In order to live as authentically to our truths as we are able, we have established these basic tenets:

  • Pursue sustainability in all aspects of day-to-day living
  • Continuously seek to acquire and hone the skills of self-sufficiency
  • Respect and cherish nature’s bounty and beauty by reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible

In a word, we decided to homestead.

The purpose of our web presence is to document our experiences in this pursuit as we have the time and means to relate them. We wish to share our (mis)adventures so that others might avoid mistakes we have made, benefit from whatever wisdom we may gain, find inspiration to chase a similar dream, or just have some cheap laughs at our expense.

The following main page divisions serve to help organize the morass that is all things homesteading:

  • Running Commentary is our blog
  • Favorite Day Farmlet contains topics relating to growing things and raising chickens
  • OMsteading highlights our homesteading activities as they relate to DIY solutions, infrastructure building, maintenance, and self-sufficiency
  • Mad Alchemy outlines our adventures in foodie fun and crafting consumable goods at home – including preservation and fermentation, homemade cleaning and self-care products, and dabbling in natural medicinal concoctions
  • Read. See. Learn. catalogs the media that contribute to our self-education, from things we’ve read, to instructional videos and documentaries we’ve watched, here you’ll find summaries and reviews of some of what has helped guide us
  • Ambling Full Tilt is the legacy repository of our former website where we documented six amazing months of our lives  on the road and told the story, ultimately, of how we ended up here

The name “Favorite Day Living” is a combination of the wisest thing we’ve ever heard a small child say and our answer to a question we never liked much – even when we had “real” jobs: “What do you do for a living?”

Never being content to define ourselves by someone else’s agenda, we invariably stumbled upon the answer. One bright summer morning, a small girl of about three gave us a way to summarize what we “do.” As we passed her and her parents leaving the diner we were heading into for breakfast, the girl, seemingly àpropos of nothing, offered the following to the world: “Today is my favorite day.” We don’t know if Winnie the Pooh was the inspiration behind her assertion, but we realized then that living your life as if every day is your Favorite Day is one of the keys to happiness. We can only hope that girl does not forget that wisdom when life attempts to drum it out of her.

We are now in the business of figuring out how to provide for ourselves responsibly and pursuing that goal with love and dedication – and occasional grim determination -daily. Our lives are our jobs. Managing money is just one aspect of life. Like food and shelter, it seems fairly critical in the hierarchy of needs, but it’s far from the most important thing and, unlike the first two, its necessity to survival can be limited.

Whatever brought you to visit us here, welcome! Thanks for sharing the journey. Our wish is wellness and ongoing enlightenment for all beings.

Love and liberation to all,

Dani and Lance

Questions? Comments? Let us know by contacting us here!


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