Initial Thoughts – Are We Totally Crazy?!

Most people would say “yes” and even I think that in my infrequent moments of panic. Quit our jobs, determine to build a permaculture-based micro farm, decide that tiny living sounds right for us – but before we do all that, lets first cram into a van and spend five months driving all over the country! Here’s our first sixth stab at a plan:


Version 6 - Now with Eugene and Bend, OR!

Version 6 – Now with Eugene and Bend, OR!

Roughly 12,000 miles will be clocked on this trek across the United States. My partner Dani and I will be visiting sights we’ve never seen, reconnecting with friends and family, and hopefully meeting and interviewing people all along the way who have experience in any combination of :

  • Sustainable Living
  • Permaculture
  • Micro Farming
  • Tiny Houses/Tiny Living
  • Municipal and/or County Regulation of Tiny Living

All along the way we’ll write, we’ll blog and we’ll capture this journey in pictures and video. And this site is your one-stop-shop to keep track of everything.

Do you (or does anyone you know) have any experience in the areas listed above? Are you close to any spot on this route? If so drop us a line! Perhaps we can meet up, raise a glass and ponder a more sustainable life together.



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