Excerpt From an Explorer’s Lost Journal

Sunday, 23rd August, In the Year of Our Lord 2015 - About 650 rods SE of Clearmont, WY: Last night was a night like no other. Many a day and night had passed where we languished in the unquenchable heat with no respite. Sweating in confined bunks with even animals close at hand; these are … Continue reading Excerpt From an Explorer’s Lost Journal


Picture Pages – Volume 1

For when there isn't much to report, but there are cool things to look at... This covers random shots from our departure of SageRidge until the afternoon of our first full day at Windrose.                                           … Continue reading Picture Pages – Volume 1

Windrose Wanderings

Here the cricket chorus is a thing you are a part of, not just something heard in the distance. They are unseen as ever, but they are all around and envelope you with their song all day, not just at dusk. There are chorus frogs too. What I know as “peepers” from the brief months … Continue reading Windrose Wanderings


Amazement. I cannot even begin to grasp or properly convey the amazement I am feeling right now. I'm astounded at the fact that Lance and I are pulling this harebrained idea of ours off and even more astounded at the sheer volume of information we are absorbing, not to mention everything we have seen so … Continue reading Symbiosis

The Challenges and Rewards

It's difficult to know where to begin. On August 20th we passed the one week mark on our trip. On that date I wrote the the following. Please not this all took place before reaching Wyoming and things have developed so much further in just three short days. But this was part of the experience … Continue reading The Challenges and Rewards

Wowed in Wyoming

Stepped out into the chilly Yellowstone air to head to the loo yesterday morning and spotted a rather hefty bison breakfasting at the campsite next door. After getting the requisite PSA from a nice young gent about bison attacking more than bears, I proceeded to use the zoom on the Coolpix and managed to get … Continue reading Wowed in Wyoming

LR – Progress and Pitfalls

This is the first installment of "Lance's Ramblings" or LR for short. If you didn't know, I'm a pretty reflective person and therefore philosophical musings are in my blood. So from here on out anytime I feel the need to scratch that itch it can get filed under LR; thus it can be easily dismissed by those … Continue reading LR – Progress and Pitfalls

Walla Walla Sweets to Missoula Eats

We've got some catching up to do, ladies and germs! The last week in Boise and the intervening days from our departure on Thursday the 13th to today are one glorious blur, but I'll try to recount the haps so far the best I can. We spent our last few days in Boise dividing our … Continue reading Walla Walla Sweets to Missoula Eats

Home is Where Your Other Is

Yesterday, and for the first time ever, I cried upon looking my last at a place I vacated. I’ve had almost infamously cool apartments in this town, and have dwelt in places that had infinitely more character than this one. In fact, I used to like to joke that the buildings in our complex were … Continue reading Home is Where Your Other Is

Watching the Wheels

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da69-pu_pqc In my previous life in the sergeant suit, I often came home lamenting that I was spinning my wheels and never getting anywhere. As hard as I fought and as much of my soul as I sacrificed, there was never a point when it didn't feel all for naught. The difference between days of … Continue reading Watching the Wheels