Runnin’ the Numbers

Oh my. *blink* We decided to make this trip on July 17th. We recorded a video diary that day which we hope to have posted (in all its A/V horribleness) soon. The following Monday (July 20th) we had finished researching vans and purchased a van that promptly went into the shop and we only received that back yesterday: Charley was home! That same Monday we bought the van we announced our intent to move to our landlords and had to begin the lease reassignment process. That evolved over a few days and, after some technical setbacks with the listing process we had people first view the apartment on July 29th. Three viewers and one day later we had a qualified renter wanting to move in.

On Tuesday July 21st, Dani finished up her last day at work. We went full-tilt into ambling preparations; everything from building a website to route planning to selling our bed.

Yesterday we held an open house and were inundated with friends – we actually had a hard time fitting everyone in the place (18 people in a living room of about 500 sq ft)! I wanted to use our deck but it was over 100 degrees outside and that is never a crowd-pleaser. I was almost overwhelmed with the good will our friends bestowed upon us. The irony was not lost on us that this was the first time most of these friends had been to our place. In everyone’s defense we’ve only been here for nine months, and modern life has a way of whizzing by. It was bittersweet; knowing this magnificent shindig was actually the last time our friends could hang out in this space in that fashion. C’est la vie.

In spite of the intense heat everyone took a tour of Charley to see where we’d be living for the next few months. They were all very… I’m going to say “impressed” and leave it at that. As we modify and outfit Charley there will be lots of posts!

And now, after a day spent working on the website, social media and making 800 Craigslist posts to facilitate downsizing and fund the trip (buy our stuff!!) we are wrapping up the second of August, 2015 with a long list of daunting tasks that need to be accomplished just to start this journey.

  • ELEVEN days until our planned departure
  • EIGHT days until the planned vacancy of our apartment
  • SIX days until the U-Haul rental truck is scheduled to actually move everything out of our apartment and into stasis in Dani’s kind parents’ house here in the valley.

Once all that’s done that leaves us with a few tasks beyond mail forwarding, doing “repairs” on Charley (one of the back doors is a bit smashed and we need to find a jack, just in case), selling off everything we can, transitioning utility services, putting the finishing touches on banking and insurance, cleaning the old place, move-out inspections, etc, etc… We will have essentially THREE days to completely rehab Charley’s interior (all the old carpet has got to go), outfit and stock him completely (bedding, clothing and pantry), devise retaining systems for all our gear, mothball everything we either need to hang on to or can’t sell before we go, and then finalize research and route planning for our first leg of the journey.

That’s all… 8-|

Panic has not settled in. Yet. Oh wait, we haven’t even hit the road yet.

*pushing the panic button with much gusto*



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