Home is Where Your Other Is

Yesterday, and for the first time ever, I cried upon looking my last at a place I vacated. I’ve had almost infamously cool apartments in this town, and have dwelt in places that had infinitely more character than this one. In fact, I used to like to joke that the buildings in our complex were rather blandly colored either “biscuit” or “beige”.

For all its vanilla presentation, there was something special about that place. We know people who lived there years ago and met so many people who had some connection to it and fondness for it as a result.

So, while I’m fairly certain that the kids upstairs were on some kind of illegal stimulant most of the time and apparently enjoyed Pogo sticking and a little boccie ball on their hardwoods, it never mattered.

What did matter to us is that this was our first home together. And it was so completely ours with no conflict or compromise that I really felt that is was my first home with another that perfectly reflected us both and was therefore the most comfortable and harmonious.

We were close to trails and the Boise Co-Op. There were often deer on the hillside across from our deck. And we heard great horned owls on occasion and watched hummingbirds, flycatchers, and robins going about their birdy business on a daily basis. It was our own cozy little nook in which to enjoy our surroundings and each other.

I’m a born nomad and I think that, aside from the occasional frustration with the obvious inconveniences and uncertainties of taking on a road trip of this magnitude, this new phase and way of life will in its way become just as easy and comfortable as the one we are leaving behind. It will because the partners who are on this adventure find their home in each other. Still, I didn’t want to miss acknowledging that an otherwise unremarkable place has made me know what it is to leave home.

And last but not least on this final post before we embark, I want to convey my sincere gratitude to everyone who has said something along the lines of “Can’t wait!” or “That’s great!” whenever we have shared this idea with them. The beautiful, positive responses we have received so far have given me the idea to add a page to the blog to give thanks along the way. I’m a firm believer in reciprocating kindness however I can. Even if words of gratefulness are all I can manage at the time. Thank you all for making me thankful.





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