Patterns and Connections

The harmony of form and function in nature can jar our preconceptions. Take the hummingbird moth; I had never seen one before today. Reading quietly in the warm evening, one came by a flowering bush in the front yard. Truly an amazing creature. Similarly sized to many humming birds, it lives by feeding on nectar … Continue reading Patterns and Connections


And now for the Maine attraction…

What a journey! The past week has been so eventful, it's hard to even keep track of everything. Just over a week has passed since leaving the beauty of the Kara Kahl farm. It's an odd feeling when the memorability of events is due to both expectations that were never fulfilled, as well as expectations … Continue reading And now for the Maine attraction…

Nestled in the Trees VS the Great Wide Open

Sense of place is my term for the part of this journey that includes finding a new home, geographically speaking, for myself and my partner. It is admittedly difficult to get a sense of place when one is cruising through at interstate speeds, but in our big push to get first to Vermont and subsequent … Continue reading Nestled in the Trees VS the Great Wide Open

Endings and New Beginnings

I finally finished Walden. It has been a long time in coming; not the easiest of reads and not having a lot of free time made getting through the book harder than it might have been otherwise. But it was a wonderful, fascinating book, and I can hardly believe that in less than one month … Continue reading Endings and New Beginnings

Picture Pages – Volume 3

A photo journal of the last week starting with Kara Kahl Farm...                                                                                       … Continue reading Picture Pages – Volume 3

Ruminants and Ruminations

Reflections from Kara Kahl...   Friday the clouds moved in and loomed dark, but nonthreatening over the forested hills and crop covered valley below the house, that grew exponentially more golden with each day we were there. The day was cool and pensive, like a first definitive day of fall should be. We were all … Continue reading Ruminants and Ruminations

Starting to Click

It's hard to believe a couple can uproot themselves, downsize most of what they have, find a vehicle, outfit it, plan a six month long trip and head out the door on departure day as planned in just three weeks, but that's what we did. Now that the 13th marks the passing of one month … Continue reading Starting to Click

Every Day Can Be a Fresh Start

After the Badlands we went to Sioux Falls. The ten police prowlers in a motel parking lot (all there to arrest one compliant, middle-aged woman) we passed as we entered town helped us feel warm, fuzzy and safe. We made our way downtown to Monk's House of Ale Repute. It was a wonderful establishment, but they were … Continue reading Every Day Can Be a Fresh Start

Ups and Downs

[An excerpt from my journal on 08/31/2015, Badlands NP, SD. Before our wonderful experiences on The Good Earth Farm.] The tension between equanimity and perturbation can be oddly challenging for me at times. As I've traveled on this journey I can't help but note the increasing gulf between “normal” for me and “normal” for other … Continue reading Ups and Downs