Picture Pages – Volume 2

Badlands to barnyard…

Sheep Butt

The Oatmeal has Bumshart, Nebrahoma (I’m sure we’ll pass through there at some point on this trip) and we have Sheep Butt, South Dakota.


Ramathorn later posed for us once again, looking regal atop this rock formation.









Coup 2

Modeling Will’s Coup Clothing gear in the Baddest of the Lands.

Lance in Badlands










Door 1

Taken in an area of Badlands NP known as Door. Nearby there is also a Window. All manner of egress built into this mofo.

Door 4

A seriously stunning place to go tripping around should you ever find yourself in the neighborhood.










One of the remarkable things about the Badlands is the skewed sense of scale. It looks like a movie set made to represent something much larger. Is this 40 or 400 feet high?

Door 2

I imagine this is something like the Grand Canyon might look in miniature. I guess we’ll know for sure sometime this winter…










end of trail

We’re nowhere near the end of ours, but the cattywampus way this sign was set against the landscape reminded me of Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius, holding his “Help!” sign up seconds before he is smashed again by that rascal roadrunner.

Strutting Fellas

A couple of the guy gobblers at The Good Earth farm in Lennox, SD.










Girl Turkey

Girl gobbler checking me out. The turkeys are naturally curious and do their traveling flock call-and-response routine all over the farm all day long. One goes to investigate, the others must gobble-gobble-gobble right behind them.

Barn and Grainary

120+ year old barn and granary in the sunrise. The picture kind of takes itself.












Jeff instructed Lance and me in canning procedures after he whipped up a wicked good batch of farm fresh fire roasted salsa with us on veggie prep duty. We canned all of his salsa and then, after realizing that Nancy had meant to leave a salsa recipe of her own, but instead left us a recipe for “ZAHSAWSE” (which I think is Iowan pidgin for “pizza sauce”), we had no choice but to whip up a batch of “sawse” on our own and can that as well. Jeff said we had the privilege of naming it since we made it from scratch, so AFTer some Thought, we decided on AFTer Thought given the initials of our journey and the mix up with the instructions. 😀

Grainary Sunrise

The granary is the oldest, and consequently most decrepit, building on the farm. The previous owner, who’s in his eighties and lives on a neighboring property, asked that they not take the building down until he dies because it is a landmark that still helps him find his way home. They are of course honoring his wishes and are actually considering rebuilding it so it is structurally sound when it does come down. Once again, the picture takes itself.


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