Picture Pages – Volume 3

A photo journal of the last week starting with Kara Kahl Farm…

Lean Into It

Steve the Cat at Kara Kahl. If you decline his requests for attention, he might just lean on you a little bit.

Steve the Cat

If leaning doesn’t yield the results he wants, he has no choice but the bring out “Le Tigre”.









Gus Love Lance

Gus even roped in Lance, notorious dog avoider, with his puppy eyes.

Bounder Nibbling

We nicknamed both kids. This one we called “Bounder”, but here he was acting more like his brother, “Nibbles”.










Doe eyes.

Buck Adoration

Recently unsuccessful in getting through the pen to a doe who seemed interested, this fellow was looking for love in all the wrong places.









Goofball Brothers

Sometimes it seems like a big old barnyard love fest. The smaller and less rambunctious of the goofball brothers stole a quick nuzzle while I was snapping pictures.

Cross Promotion

The chickens live harmoniously among the much larger hooved and pawed beasties, but they aren’t as cuddly as the others. I loved the meta juxtaposition here. 😉









Hungry Doe

The milking gals know when it is time to be milked and, conveniently coincidentally, when it is time for grain. This is a hungry doe ready for her turn.

Lance Milking

Unlike me, Lance says milking was never on his bucket list, but he gave it the old college try anyway!









Macro Mania

Macro Mania: Tooth and Nail

Fly Guy

Macro Mania: Fly Guy








Mini Bouquet

Macro Mania: Mini Bouquet


Macro Mania: Hydrangea Honey








Pointy Pointy

Macro Mania: Pointy Birds 😀


Macro Mania: Ruffled








Sweet Pickings

And what more appropriate photo to close out the Kara Kahl section of the post than a bountiful harvest. There are two different varietals here. Both are delectable, but I can’t recall their names!

Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, IA: Garden geek paradise…


Macro Mania: Okie Dokie…

Bee Good

Macro Mania: Bee Good








Knitting Inspiration

I want to knit this.

Icing Sugar

Macro Mania: Icing Sugar








Not So Fuzzy Bumbler

Macro Mania: Not-So-Fuzzy Bumbler

Sunflower Shower

Sunflower Shower








Striking Daisy

Macro Mania: Striking Daisies

Taste the Rainbow

Taste the Rainbow








Wings and Roots

Macro Mania: Monarch

Whoa Domino

Macro Mania: Whoa-Oh, Domino!








Paper Poppy

Pink Papery Poppy Picture

Fast times in Fennimore…

Brother Beer

Brother Beer Brewers

Pizza Party

My first time making pizza dough was a success! These pies contained a little bit of every farm we’ve worked: Garlic from Windrose, sauce we canned at The Good Earth, mozzarella we made at Kara Kahl — and as a bonus we finished our eggs from SageRidge chickies this morning. A nice way to spend the evening and share some of our adventures with family on our short visit here in Wisconsin.


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