Picture Pages – Volume Space Junk

Two air and space museums in two days in D.C. and the outlying areas and it has become clear to me that I, in spite of all my years in the Air Force, am a hopeless astro-nerd.                   Although the sister museum on the National Mall had … Continue reading Picture Pages – Volume Space Junk


Picture Pages – Volume Cape Cod


Wending Our Way to Walden and Beyond

Yesterday, after a three day working respite in Gorham, Maine, we once again braved the interstates and pointed Charley's schnoz south exactly one month from when we had arrived in Maine. Our basic goals for the day were simple: 1) Avoid tangling with Boston traffic like the plague and 2) Get to Walden Pond State Reserve … Continue reading Wending Our Way to Walden and Beyond

Adapt and Overcome

Last week, we caused the permanent relocation of thousands of small - and a few not-so-small - spiders. During our backbreaking week of harvesting, spent plant removal, wood stacking, trellis deconstruction, and merciless, endless weeding, there was never a point at which we did not see at least a few, and sometimes hundreds, of arachnids … Continue reading Adapt and Overcome

Picture Pages – Volume October

October has been my favorite month just about everywhere I have ever lived and our sabbatical in Maine during said month has been no exception. We're playing catch up with planning and mapping out the next stages of the trip, and there is writing happening in my head that will better elucidate the goings on … Continue reading Picture Pages – Volume October

All Along the Way…

[Written on 11th October, 2015] Thursday the 8th of October marked the beginning of our 8th week on the road. Next Tuesday the 13th will mark two calendar months. That will be one third of our trip down and it's very difficult to describe what all has transpired, what has changed in us and in … Continue reading All Along the Way…

Whoopie Pies and Dumping Skies (or was it Thunder Thighs?)

There is danger in doing nothing. As glad as I am to have some free time, I am never so much a danger to my own well being as when my mind is idle. And on a day when it is merely pouring rain, as opposed to the upcoming six months of sometimes crippling winter … Continue reading Whoopie Pies and Dumping Skies (or was it Thunder Thighs?)