Picture Pages – Volume Space Junk

Two air and space museums in two days in D.C. and the outlying areas and it has become clear to me that I, in spite of all my years in the Air Force, am a hopeless astro-nerd.


I’m suddenly compelled to consider satellites and celestial bodies of all kinds as honest-to-goodness, grown-up house with no kids decor. On a much smaller, tiny house friendly scale, mind you.












Although the sister museum on the National Mall had an impressive collection of space travel related items and a planetarium, Udvar-Hazy won my heart immediately when I first laid eyes on this thing of unspeakable beauty. I had chills every time I looked at her.


Not my first sight of Discovery, but rather, one of my gratifying last views of her.

Heat Shields

Well used heat shields make the shuttle look more like a patchwork quilt than the sleek, shiny space vehicle you imagine it to be when it’s riding atop a 747.









Business End

The business – AKA burny – end of Discovery.


After many years as a government goober, I’m not much for acronyms anymore. But one I will always love the sound of is NASA. It just exudes coolness, doesn’t it?










Turns out, they give a pretty nice nod to some notable Sci Fi figures here, too.

R2 Too

R2 hides in plain sight.


And, not so plainly, Spielberg’s designers attached R2 and many other sneaky bits to the mother ship model for Close Encounters of the Third Kind.




The actual mother ship model used in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We’ve been to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and seen this. Now all that’s left is to run into Richard Dreyfuss in LA, maybe?


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