Picture Pages – Volume New Mexico

I’ve been writing a lot, but not publishing any of it due to things being more full of flux than I would like. The flavor is all wrong. Given these circumstances, I present you with pictures from recent days…

We tripped around Santa Fe for a couple of days. Rather than the requisite peachy beige adobe structure with bright blue door photos (not to say that I didn’t love feasting my eyes on that ubiquitous aesthetic), I shot some in a local park and nearby art district.

From Whence it Came

A tree along the Santa Fe river attempting to go back from whence it came.

Canyon Road

A bit of color to draw you down Canyon Road, which is chock full of art galleries.










Inside the Labyrinth

Our second “labyrinth” for the day, Lance just had to try it out.

In the Colors

And all will be right
  Dancing like water with the light
  Dance with me into the colors  
of the dusk

–“In the Colors”/Ben Harper










We had a late arrival planned for our stopover in Colorado Springs, so we took the scenic, and then almost scarily scenic (big van, steep, single track dirt road for about 6 miles) route to see the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and visit a brewery just northwest of Taos. Both were worth the detour.

Personas Viejos Gringos

Gringos viejos!


565 feet down. No wonder they had a suicide call box on either side of the bridge at the center. It just looks so easy… In a not-at-all kind of way. :-/










Rio Grande Gorge North View

Playing with lines on the north view of the Rio Grande.

Bridge Shadow

Shadow of the Gorge Bridge on the Rio Grande.









Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Looking South

Rio Grande view looking south off the Gorge Bridge.


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