Picture Pages – Volume California (Bishop to Joshua Tree National Park)

After less than 24 hours in Vegas,  which apparently hasn't looked in a mirror or smelled itself lately, we were all too excited to beat feet out of there and take the scenic route through Death Valley to visit family in Bishop, CA. Old Charley once again proved his worthiness by doing a champion job … Continue reading Picture Pages – Volume California (Bishop to Joshua Tree National Park)


Picture Pages – Volume Arizona

Our plans in Monument Valley fell through due to a variety of less than ideal circumstances (packs of feral dogs, broken glass everywhere, nonexistent help to register for a campground that was built with a sardine can type layout in mind, etc). So we made the decision to push on to Flagstaff, AZ and adjust … Continue reading Picture Pages – Volume Arizona

Stream of Unconsciousness

The following is the entirety of my incredibly disjointed writing since Tulsa. Yesterday, after starting to cry somewhere in the middle of the Nevada desert, overwrought from the manic experience of less than 24 hours in Vegas and an emotional discussion of current affairs in America devolving into being overwhelmed with despair for the state … Continue reading Stream of Unconsciousness