Picture Pages – Volume Catch Up!

Bodega Bay, CA to Umpqua Lighthouse State Park near Reedsport, OR, with stops in between along the Avenue of the Giants, at Lady Bird Johnson Grove, Prairie Creek, etc.

Redwoods, ELK, rain, misty miles, sourdough pizza, new friends, a marimba factory, cool haunts, storm watching, whale squinting, lighthouse looking, frog listening, camping, and a salamander! That’s a summary of what we saw and did, not all of which is documented here. I was sick for a lot of it, but we Ambled On as ever!


The Wheelie Bins

What’s the first thing you do when reunited after 10 days apart? Drive to Bodega Bay, CA so Lance can reenact a scene from The Birds in his Coup Clothing shirt, of course. There were no birds handy, so he’s running away from some wheelie bins instead.


Self Sculptor

Cut to a couple of days later, we were on our way north again from Fort Bragg, where we caught up on laundry and North Coast beers, to McKinleyville, CA via the Avenue of the Giants. The redwood forests, we often found, are their own sculptors.


Two of Us

While we were apart, I fixated on a tree not unlike this one that reminded me of the two of us growing together. I had another one that would “pet” me as I went up and down the steps of the path between the meditation hall and my cabin, but there was no such tree in among the giants.

Light in the Dark

The sun worked its way briefly into the deep, dark forest.












Not to Scale

Sure it’s comfy, but where will we put it

Reach Out









Gutted by Fire

The redwood metaphor for kicking ass in life: Persevering even after you’ve been gutted clean through by fire.

Mossy Charred Scales

Life feeds on life…












Fronds of fern.









Moist Moss

Moss in macro.

Mossy Grove

Mossy grove.









Big Tree

The creatively named Big Tree.

Big Me

Big Tree. Little me.










Tree Lined Path

New meaning to “tree lined path”. Redwood life lesson #2: Your death just gives rise to another (or many other) form(s) of life.


Mist of Sunshine

A mist of sunshine.

Crescent City Sun

My grandfather will never believe this, but there it is: Sunshine. In Crescent City, CA.









Stormwatchers Retreat

Storm watching seagull opting out of fishing for the time being.


Salamander Friend

And, to herald our arrival in Oregon, a salamander made friends with Lance near our campsite at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park. In retrospect we learned our Oregon salamander was, in fact, a “California Newt” but we’re not going to be pedantic…



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