From Ambling to… what is the step before homesteading?

We have been back in Boise for one week now. And the time has flown! We’ve set up home base, staged ourselves for the continuing purge of stuff, continued land searches in earnest, continued networking with professionals to aid in the search, expanded our search and research into new regions in the west – perhaps we will find a good deal in Oregon, but while we are waiting we are looking elsewhere (bits of Washington, Northern California, Arizona, New Mexico) just in case there are auspicious offerings waiting to be found elsewhere. Each area brings it’s own labyrinth of state, county and perhaps municipal codes and ordinances to be researched and complied with.   We’re also trying to set up our office so we can print, scan, get caught up on unfinished business (I have a lot of bookkeeping to catch up on, to say nothing of 2015 tax preparations). We’ve even changed our auto insurance provider in all our free time…

Oh and we’ve managed to catch up with friends: Mike R, Will, Becky, Holly & Steve, Heather & Nate, Gina & Bobby, Sean & Pollie so far. Whew! And many more meetings are in the works – Hang in there, folks, we’re trying to catch up with y’all!

On top of all that we’re compiling our homesteading research materials and beginning to dig into those. So far they include:

Each one of these titles has a story behind how they came to our attention. And this is just to get started! Each of these authors has (sometimes a huge) body of work extending beyond these books worthy of full consideration. And there are many other authors and bloggers out there that we are paying attention to.

Further, all this material doesn’t get into the process of building, which we are going to dig into soon with much excitement – and trepidation. The research on that front will follow just ahead of the design efforts, which will begin in the next few days. Looks like a crash-course in SketchUp is in the immediate future… where the hell is my computer in that Tetris-perfect pile of stuff under the tarps in the garage? I swear it was near the front, on the right, next to the vacuum cleaner… but no…

Good thing  we both have a background in logistics. This is crazy; even at their worst the old day jobs were not this hard. If anyone ever would think that our leaving jobs behind was in order to goof off, they would be dead wrong. No matter, the work is hard but it is truly a labor of love.

We don’t yet have a name for the next chapter of our journey. It will come. And when it does a new website will launch (and it will be much faster and have much higher uptime). From that platform we will write about our research (including reviews on the written material we’ve used). We also hope to make an innovation or two and document that for the sake of others trying to increase their independence through sustainable homesteading efforts; in whatever degree fits their life situation.

So if you find yourself wondering why there are delays in publishing our remaining tales from the road, now you know why. Thanks for sharing in the journey with us!


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