Greetings From the Universe’s Waiting Room

There's a scene in Under the Tuscan Sun where Frances Mayes, in a moment of despair, laments having bought a house for a life she wants, but doesn't see on her horizon. Her Italian friend/realtor consoles her by telling her an  anecdote about a railway over the Alps that was built before there was a … Continue reading Greetings From the Universe’s Waiting Room


Picture Pages – Volume Ecolodge (AKA AFTer Thoughts)

So often in recent days, now that we have returned to "business mode" in our quest to find land and start the next chapter, we have come across our photos or retold stories from the road and realized that we will never be able to fully express our gratitude for that time. The necessity for … Continue reading Picture Pages – Volume Ecolodge (AKA AFTer Thoughts)

And the Search Continues…

Well everybody, as you might have guessed from the lack of fanfare, the land we visited today wasn't a diamond in the rough so much as just plain-old rough. To be fair it's the best place we've seen to date, but it was still far from optimal. The moral of all of the not-even-"close-but-no-cigar" lots … Continue reading And the Search Continues…

Land Ho!

It seems the missing piece of the story in many modern homesteading tales is how the protagonists found the land they ended up working. There are countless homesteaders out there, all trying to innovate their way through the vagaries of life. Many have published their live online, in print or both. But almost none of … Continue reading Land Ho!