And the Search Continues…

Well everybody, as you might have guessed from the lack of fanfare, the land we visited today wasn’t a diamond in the rough so much as just plain-old rough. To be fair it’s the best place we’ve seen to date, but it was still far from optimal. The moral of all of the not-even-“close-but-no-cigar” lots we’ve viewed is if we are going to buy land with challenging garbage piles on them, we are not going to pay a premium for them. I believe we should get a price break, perhaps a big one, for the privilege of inheriting giant messes. I could write a fair amount about this, but will leave it at that for brevity’s sake (a most unusual tactic on my part, I realize). Perhaps this is why the tales of finding land are rarely written? By necessity they are ~99% “nope, not yet.”

Although the parcel itself wasn’t overwhelming, the people and landscape here are! We’ve met wonderful souls and know this definitely could be a future home. We’ve (serendipitously) been introduced to yet-even-more sustainable design practices that need some scrutiny before locking in our build design.

It all sounds like “analysis paralysis”, I know. But in this case I think it’s simply underscoring our level of expertise realistically. That is to say we are learning still and new to all this. So with a little more homework to take care of, we can appreciate the fact that we’ve met new friends that are full of good advice, sound knowledge and warm hearts.

We still have two days to do our own real estate sleuthing and there are several organizations involved in sustainable building in the area. We will make the best use of the time we can while we’re here, even if the trip is not concluding with a land purchase as we thought it might have.

The right land will emerge. Our design will get dialed in. And if that takes more time than we expected, that’s okay. We have learned a lot here, and in only one day! Without a definite parcel on the horizon, at least we have Dani’s crop of beautiful seedlings and the prepped garden waiting for us back in Boise. And if we still build the tiny house on a trailer there, we are lucky to have such an abundance of support and camaraderie there!

Life is never dull. What will tomorrow bring? Only one way to find out…


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