I Feel Like a Broken Record…

The relative quiet on our blog is due to lack of enthusiasm to share the unending stream of disappointments and seeming setbacks in our search for land. All along our hopes have seemed tenuous at best and that fosters a reluctance to share as we don’t want to get others excited or ourselves to get emotionally invested in something that may not come to pass. After all, everything we’ve placed our hope in so far has fallen through for one reason or another…

We’re closing in on one month in Maine. The time hasn’t been spent recuperating or related to my brother’s wedding in Florida has been spent on the search for land. We have visited a dozen or more places that didn’t pass the initial assessment. There have been a couple perfect sounding places that we were too late to get offers in on (including one that was a turn-key, permaculture farm). There have also been a couple places that seemed likely to be worth an offer until we performed detailed visits. Then there was one place left that seemed good on the initial checks so we made an offer. The due diligence then revealed nothing important relating to the property (septic, well, construction) had been documented or run through the proper administrative channels – even the subdivision of the parcel by the owner was off the books! That listing agent should be tarred and feathered…

We ended up canceling our offer and attempted to place a new offer on another parcel. I say “attempted” because the holiday weekend has slowed things down. If this offer gets accepted then we start our due diligence process once again. This will be the fourth property we’ve put an offer in on. I hate to be optimistic; as I’ve mentioned before, the search for land must be, with one single exception, a string of failures. But in about two weeks we will have spent six months in our search for our future farm. We’ve painstakingly reviewed many hundreds if not a thousand listings. We’ve visited dozens of properties across Oregon, California and Maine… We’re very tired of this process; we are very much desiring to find our piece of dirt and get on with the business of homesteading!

What does the future hold? When will the threads of fate merge and leave us with a place to call home? When that happens, where will that be? Who can say. We will simply acknowledge that all “failures” to date are because none of those properties were the right place for us. We’re sure there is a place for us here somewhere. We just have to keep following the signs.


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