Maine Maxims

Two plus months in Maine and there are some definite trends in differences we are noticing as we navigate around the state we now call home. Cash or CHECK?? - Yes, really. Square is for squares, apparently. It is more common for eateries and just about anyone else to happily take a check if you … Continue reading Maine Maxims


Friends at Forty(ish)?

Welp, here we are. Right smack between Mid-Coast and Down East Maine. Milestones have been made. Progress is happening on schedule. Questions have been answered. Ceremonial whoopie pies have been consumed. The journey, nay, the Amble, we started on 13 August 2015 has reached it's conclusion. We're just waiting for the final piece of the … Continue reading Friends at Forty(ish)?

Fourth Time’s the Charm? It’s Higher Math…

We love beer. This is (perhaps painfully) obvious to anyone that knows us. So a beer that's truly special or unique to us is bound to have something notable about it. I posted here about one of the few pilgrimages we took on our Ambling Full Tilt journey: the only reason that we thought to … Continue reading Fourth Time’s the Charm? It’s Higher Math…