(Former) Residents of the Road

Last August 13th we were waking up in our hammocks in the back of Charley van. Having closed the door for the last time on our first place together two days prior, we were camped out in the driveway of a house my family was occupying at the time waiting for the designated start date … Continue reading (Former) Residents of the Road


AFT Retrospect – The Oregon Coast and Ecolodge Gardens

[Originally written in January, 2016 as we had just met and ended up staying with our dear friend Marcel located west of Eugene, OR. This was not published in real time because of the vagaries of the Ambling Full Tilt (AFT) journey and the demands of life in the interim. As I find time I … Continue reading AFT Retrospect – The Oregon Coast and Ecolodge Gardens


Time flies-crawls as we set up our homestead. Each day is so packed it feels like seven. But we've been here over a month and it feels like yesterday that we moved in. It finally feels like the emergencies are taken care of and, while it's nice not to feel boxed in by panic, one … Continue reading Impermanence