Picture Pages – Volume …

Some recent shots from recent weeks in our new homeland. First up are some from Liberty and Camden, ME, where we went adventuring to celebrate Lance’s 40th a couple of weeks ago.

Playing Teddy's guitar at Liberty Craft Brewing / 8-28-16

Friendly bartender gives musical man his guitar to noodle on at musical man’s mate’s mere mention that he likes to play. *ting!*

Our Airbnb for Lance’s Annibirthary trip was an 1800’s farmhouse. He relaxed into nap mode pretty soon after we arrived, so I took advantage of the time and light to relax in my own way.

From the Floor to the Door

More fun with light and camera filter features from the floor.


Afternoon shadows and aged patina in sepia tone.


An interesting texture only years can achieve. I’d like to feel the same about my face filling up with lines.


A study in textures.


How many hands?


A study in color and texture.








My partner. Stalwart, supportive, smart, silly, and sexy. Ardent advocate of all my aspirations. Doer of the sad and dirty details around our place. Adventurous, appreciative, and amazing. I can never say or do enough when it comes to returning all that he gives me, but I’m trying my hardest. Meanwhile, he’s making 40 look good!


Photographing the photographer photographing the “SS Cairn” on Mount Battie, Camden, ME / 8-29-16













On the last day of our trip for Lance’s Annibirthary we had to stop in to Liberty Tool Company where, among about a million other things, they apparently have drawers full of peyote buttons. 😉

The following shots are from the Labor Day party at our friend Dennis’ place / 9-3-16. A good time and a great view was had by all.


A pretty happy piggy.


Mowing the field with draft horses.


Sun. Flower.


Wildflowers at dusk.


Even the man made things can look lovely in the right light.


Dusky hues just before the fireworks show.





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