Remember, Remember!

The FOURTH of November??? No, that’s not quite how it goes. But that is a significant date. Thanks to the annals of Facebook, we have recently realized that 4 November 2015 is the day we rolled into Tulsa, OK, which was an oasis of friends, family, and memories for me to share with Lance about the place I spent most of my formative years (which years ARE those exactly?). We had hurried there from Roanoke, VA, with nothing of interest for us (except fantastic Eastern Indian fusion cuisine we found for lunch in Nashville by random chance) in between. When we left Tulsa a couple of weeks later, we again pushed through all the way to Albuquerque, NM, in one day just to get somewhere desirable. Though we did have very good Vietnamese food while slightly delayed getting Charley fixed in Yukon, OK, and then fantastic flatbread pizza in Amarillo, TX, that same night. Maybe the trip should have been called Ambling Full Tummy… But I digest… Digress!

So one year ago, we were roughly in the middle of the country, though well past the middle of our trip. But we were still quite far from knowing how/when/where we would end up.  Today we realized that from that point it was exactly six months and countless miles, meetings, and missed targets later (May the 4th Be With Us!) that we pulled up in my parents’ driveway again with Charley, this time with all of our possessions in tow, ready to start our new life in Maine. And that date was exactly six months ago today.

To some outside observers, all this tallying of synchronicity and seeming cosmic significance might appear to be a tedious rehash of mere coincidences. But for us, every moment we spend making our dream manifest, right down to the minutest task, is nothing short of miraculous. We frequently write about awe, wonder, and gratitude because we are full of all of the above. And we are humbled every time we stop to think about what brought us to this place where  virtually everything and everyone is new, and how much we have accomplished and managed to learn in what is a relatively short amount of time.

Six months here already. Closing in on a year since we finished the Amble. I would say “where does the time go?”, but I know exactly where it’s gone. Just about every minute. And I couldn’t be more thrilled to Be Here Now.

Ever humbled,



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