C’est moi!

So, I turned 40. And that amounted to nothing much different except that we had a nice excuse to take a break on a couple of days to celebrate.

Nothing was really speaking to me in terms of ways to properly mark the occasion until I learned that Buddy Wakefield had booked a show in Portsmouth, NH, a mere two hours south of us via I-95. The show was on the 10th of March, and my actual birthday is on the 1st, so that afforded us two chances to goof off. On the day itself, we opted for what we hoped would be a brunch experience on par with our beloved Boise eateries. What we got was passable, but nothing to write home about. However, we did have a wonderful time exploring a place called Cape Rosier that a friend had recommended and shown us how to get to on the infamous Maine gazetteer.

We learned early in 2016 that Oregon was not to be home for us for a number of reasons, many of them especially sound for people who want to farm and homestead. But we still have occasional pangs of missing the west in general and our beloved Oregon in particular. This little spot reminded us of hiking the coastal rainforests there and we had a marvelous time exploring in spite of the persistent fog and access roads being nigh, or completely, impassable that day.

While I haven’t posted here since late December, I spent most of the “off” time from then until about a month ago working on a project that had been on my back burner since the early 2000s. You can see my #100PhotoProject at my blog. This was a way for me to get familiar with my camera again and keep up the practice of both shooting and writing. I’ve found in the month since I completed the project that I definitely need some kind of prompt to keep myself in the habit of doing that work, especially while all of our farmsteading work consumes most other waking moments. I have yet to solidly choose another project, but I’ve had some ideas and Lance gave me one this morning that would keep me more active here on our blog and keep you all more aware of what’s happening here as our farm takes shape. We shall see if that materializes. In the meantime, here is one I took of the ever-elusive moon early in the morning as it was waning last month. This was not part of my project, which had already concluded. Just something to let me know my skills improved a bit during that time. It also might make a nice bookmark…

Finally, the work. The (almost) all-consuming work that has kept us both plugging away at our respective tasks since the 2nd of January and kept me glaring with increasing (and obviously ineffectual) menace at the weather report as the winter has stayed long past its welcome is about to go from the planning to execution stage. Four plus months of research, tedious data entry, calculating, recalculating, software woes, sore bums, and strained eyes will lead ultimately to ONE crucial day of orchestrating the miraculous feat of standing up a full-fledged microfarm with the help of a few friends, family, and minimal machinery. And, while I know that the work is going to get harder before it gets easier and that we have way more than one day of backbreaking labor ahead of us to really see it through to its fruition, the nervous mother in me that has been tending and nursing seedlings along, some since mid-February, will be overjoyed and quite simply relieved just to have the space and the cooperative weather to get these babies outside where they belong and begin the long, arduous task of making sure they are protected and nurtured to the natural end of their short, glorious lives.

I continue to say my metta meditations for them, for you, for us, for me. Happiness, peace, health, safety, and liberation to all beings. ALL beings.





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