Spring, or Something Like it…

From my stand-up desk I can see that the traces of yesterday’s 2+ inches of snow are already fading away like a bad dream. We learned the hard way that the crocus and tulip bulbs I planted last fall are a vole’s favorite food. As a bonus lesson, I had mulched them with a nice layer of leaf litter, which happens to be their favorite habitat. And just to really help all that sink in, we learned that they also quite like girdling shrubs to supplement their diet, so the well-established weigelas I planted said bulbs around also took a hit. All this is to say that they didn’t get all the crocuses, which were defiantly peeking their as yet unopened blossoms out of the leftover snow this morning. The jury is still out on the tulips and weigelas, of course. But Lance is currently attempting to propagate several weigela cuttings and I have hope for those tulips because hope, and determination, are what we are living on these days.

In other news, the seedling setup is better and all but the notoriously finicky herbs are notably improved over their counterparts from last year. Our chickens weathered (haha) their first infamous and, by all accounts quite tough, Maine winter well and have been reasonably patient with the slow to come spring. Even we didn’t (mostly) mind the long, brutal winter because it gave us time to recuperate from the trials of last season and learn more about how we can do better in the seasons to come.

Our days are now filled with projects mostly related to the care and feeding of our little farmlet and the infrastructure that houses it and us. We have also taken some time to revitalize our blog by adding pages, cleaning up outdated or irrelevant references, and adding new content to make a start toward getting it back to its originally intended purpose, which is documenting our (mis)adventures in homesteading to help others who may be interested in pursuing this life (poor, misguided souls). On that note, in an effort to rescue my own long fallow blog from decrepitude, I recently wrote a post called Truth explaining, at least in part, why we were relatively silent for so long.

In short, we’re still here. Our dream and our resolve to manifest it are reinvigorated with the promise of warmer days and the lack of an overly ambitious infrastructure build out looming over our heads.

Here’s to knowing better, doing better, and maybe having a little time to stop and appreciate the magnificence of a life built from a shared vision.




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