What’s All This Then?

Favorite Day Living is the epilogue to Ambling Full Tilt, our 15,000+ mile, six-month journey around the US in the indefatigable van known as “Charley,” and the continuation of our commitment to living our life authentically. The basic tenets we have established for ourselves to live our truth as fully as we are able are as follows:

  • Pursue sustainability in all aspects of day-to-day living
  • Continuously seek to acquire the skills of self-sufficiency
  • Foster an ever-expanding ecological awareness to reduce our impact and respect nature’s bounty and beauty in a way which reflects the deep love we have for both

In a word, we decided to homestead.

The purpose of our web presence is to document all of our experiences in this pursuit inasmuch as we have the time and means to relate them. We wish to share our (mis)adventures so that others might benefit from the wisdom we gain, find inspiration to chase their own like-minded dreams, or just have some cheap laughs and maybe commiserate if they are experiencing similar folly and foibles on their own journeys.

  • The main page has our blog,  continued from the Ambling Full Tilt days for the sake of continuity.
  • Bink Merp Farm is what we lovingly named our (at this point future) farmstead. We tend to vocalize our tasks with various nonsense words as we go about them. “Bink” and “merp” are by far the most prevalent of these pseudo-onomatopoeia and since our intent is to grow for our own sustainment/enjoyment, why not call it something personal to us? Here, we will address the finer points of microfarming for noobs.
  • OMsteading is an hOMage to Andrew and Gabriella Morrison whose self-designed and built tiny house they dubbed “hOMe”. This page will be dedicated to discussing  topics specific to building and living in a non-traditional home.
  • Mad Alchemy is the catch-all for foodie fun and crafting consumable goods at home.  Topics here will include our creations in the kitchen, homemade products for cleaning and hygiene, fermentation, medicinal concoctions, etc.
  • Read. See. Learn. Do. is the place we will catalog our self-education from things we’ve read, instructional videos and documentaries, workshops, and any other ways we manage to glean information and grow our skill sets. We’ve spent a lot of time sifting through the almost-too-much information out there, and not all of it is good or helpful. Think of it as our Cliffsnotes collection. Pretty handy when you don’t have the time to read books cover-to-cover just to figure out if they’re worth reading.
  • Ambling Full Tilt is the legacy repository of our Ambling Full Tilt website. Those were six amazing months of our lives and we wanted to maintain the comprehensive record of that time in its entirety to show how it brought us to this moment and beyond.

The name “Favorite Day Living” is a combination of the wisest thing we’ve ever heard a small child say and our answer to a question we never liked much when we had “real” jobs and aren’t terribly fond of now: “What do you do for a living?” Never being content to define ourselves by someone else’s agenda, we invariably stumbled over the answer. One bright summer morning, a small girl of about three gave us a way to summarize what we “do”. As we passed her and her parents leaving the breakfast place we were entering, the girl, seemingly apropos of nothing, offered the following to the world: “Today is my favorite day.” We don’t know if A.A. Milne via his Winnie the Pooh was the inspiration behind this assertion, but we realized then that living your life as if every day is your Favorite Day is one of the most important keys to happiness. We can only hope that girl does not forget that wisdom when life attempts to drum it out of her.

We are now in the business of figuring out how to provide for ourselves responsibly and pursuing that goal with love and dedication each and every day. Our lives are our jobs. Managing money is just one aspect of life. Like food and shelter, it seems fairly critical in the hierarchy of needs, but it’s far from the most important thing and, unlike the first two, its necessity to survival can be limited.

Whatever brought you to visit us here, welcome. Thanks for sharing the journey. Our wish for all beings is to be well, and live each day like it is their very favorite. Today is the only day we are guaranteed, so how could it be otherwise?

Love and liberation to all,

Dani and Lance


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