Attitude of Gratitude

A succinct, if not completely adequate way to ensure that we thank folks for their kindness and help as we go along on this journey. It is never going to be “finished”, so if you’re not on here, that just means we haven’t gotten to you yet. In no particular order, although perhaps mostly chronological…

  • Bobby and Gina for being the first people we saw and got to tell about our idea and being so supportive of it from then on, as well as plant sitting, helping us solve our 11th hour stove crisis, and generally being lovely people.
  • Tyler H. for telling us we were crazy and AWESOME in that wonderful way of his, as he was also among some of the first to hear about it and over for beers on Dani’s last day of work (!)
  • ALL of the parents, ours and our friends’, for doing what parents do best and being supportive and offering good advice
  • Dani’s sister Niki for years of random “I love you, sister” texts, but more recently for letting us stash our few remaining possessions and mail at her house
  • Kelli for getting back on time to see us off, re-homing a lot of beloved items, and being understanding about our wacky schedule and still making a lot of time to see us in spite of her own goings on
  • Kurt and Nadine for general awesomeness and getting it, and for being the last people we hugged on the morning we left Boise
  • Nate and Heather for still hanging out with us after we turned your barbecue into a discussion of tiny houses and for sharing your campsite, shuttling us to and from Walla Walla and introducing us to Ruben who is a general BAMF and a sweet human being
  • Our WWOOF hosts so far: Linda, Michael, Jeff and Nancy, Mary and Doug, Julee and Mike and all the furry and feathered friends, family, fellow farmers, interns, and other WWOOFers who have made this a real learning and sharing experience
  • Lance’s brother and sister-in-law Dan and Teri and their girls and furry friends for the fun family time on the fly
  • All the Airbnb hosts who have taken us in on short notice when we gave in to luxurious desires like showers and clean laundry (James and Mariah, Rosie, Susan, Paula, Wanda, Beth, Lien, Elaine and Richard, David, Kev and Jess, Pat, Karin, Kaya and Josh, Jessica and Ricky, Patree, Julie, and Linda)
  • All of the Boondockers Welcome hosts who have consistently gone above and beyond – way beyond! – the expectations of RV hosts. We are humbled and hope to have a space you can use some day. Thank you Karsty, Di, Malcolm & Terry!!
  • KurtStacy and brother Tim for contributing to the cause
  • Becky and relatives for inviting us to Canada and making this officially an international journey and giving Dani an excuse to get gussied up at least once while traveling
  • Griffin Harris for the best compliment Aunt Dani has ever received
  • Patti and Greg, and Dianne for fitting more hospitality, generosity and good company into slightly more than 12 hours than anyone in the hotel business has done in their entire existence. Further proof that family by choice is one of the best things in life.
  • Stacy and Jason (and family and furry friends) for a fun and chill couple of weeks in Tulsa. We needed that.
  • Uncle Chris and David (posthumously) for inspiring us to visit some of the places we were most in awe of in the west
  • Nana Sharon for inspiring us to take a closer look at the Land of Enchantment. We were indeed enchanted.
  • Susan for always feeling like home. Wherever you are.
  • Tim and Michelle and Grandpa Mickey and Dorian for much needed family time in Redondo
  • Buddy Wakefield for S.N. Goenka and for providing a space and the tools for Dani to learn Vipassana. A journey within a journey didn’t clear the path of obstacles. But it did render them less daunting.