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Stats at a Glance
Age of Van: 22
Age of Lan: 39
Age of Dan: 38


Miles Planned: 13,180
Miles Traveled: 15,521
Time on the Road (08/13/2015 through 02/02/2016): 24 Weeks, 5 Days (173 Days total)
States Visited: 30 (WA, MT, WY, SD, MN, IA, WI, MI, NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, TN, AR, OK, TX, NM, CO, UT, AZ, NV, CA, OR)
States to Visit: 0 (not counting ID)
National Monuments Visited to Date: 5 (Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore, Colorado, Walnut Canyon, Muir Woods)
National Parks Visited to Date: 13 (Yellowstone, Badlands, Acadia, Cape Cod, Delaware River Water Gap, National Mall, Arches, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Golden Gate, Redwoods)
State Parks Visited to Date: 9 (Niagara Falls, NY; Swan Lake, ME; Walden Pond, MA; Goosenecks, UT; Limekiln, CA; Mt. Tamalpais, CA; Humboldt Redwoods, CA; Prairie Creek, CA; Umpqua Lighthouse, OR)
Number of Times Crossing the Continental Divide (Rockies): 4
Highest Elevation Driven: 11,992 ft above sea level (Eisenhower Tunnel I-70)
Lowest Elevation Driven: -282 ft below sea level (Death Valley NP, CA)
Number of Wrecks: 1

Number of Breakdowns: 2

Number of Lockouts: 4

Number of "Dead" Battery Incidents: 2

Number of Times Needing to Get Pulled Out of a Ditch: 1
Pounds of Whole Bean Coffee Consumed: 8
Tiny Houses Being Lived In: 2

Tiny Houses In Tow Spotted: 1

Tiny House Trailers Being Purchased: 1

Small/Tiny House Manufacturers visited: 3 (Tulsa Custom Buildings, Tumbleweed THC, Octobie) + 3 at Good Earth Home, Garden and Living fair in Eugene, Or Jan '16
Number of properties For Sale Visited: 14
WWOOF Hosts Visited: 5
Boondocker Hosts Visited: 3
Showers Poached: TBD
Nights Sleeping In Parking Lots: 14

Parking Lots Kicked Out Of: 2
Number of Times "Living in a Van Down by the River": 4
Number of times Living in a non-Van Down by the River: 4
Coldest Overnight Low while Sleeping in Charley: 10 Deg F (Grand Canyon, 12/02/2015)
Times "World's Largest _______" Spotted: 2 (Gutzon Borglum Art Collection, "Longest Beach" in Long Beach WA - but we don't believe them!)
Times "World's Smallest _______" Spotted: 2 (Harbor: Depoe Bay, River: D)
Number of Locations with Selfie Stick Sightings: 9

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