Bink Merp Farm

While the dream (and soon to be reality) of the micro-farm has been in the works for a long time, a name for said farm is something we’ve only begun to contemplate recently. Every farm we’ve worked on or bought goodies from has a name. And even though we only plan to sustain ourselves with our produce, we figure it’s like boat superstition, a farmstead has to have a name by which it is known lovingly or it may be prone to disaster.

We’re both given to idiosyncratically making silly noises when we go about daily tasks, play cards, maneuver through traffic, etc.  The onomatopoeic “bink” and “merp” are by far the most prevalent vocalizations we use. It is hard to name something that doesn’t yet exist, and after a few weeks of idly discussing options for our place’s moniker, we just blurted out “Bink Merp Farm!” one day. The name will reveal itself as it begins to live and breathe, but this is a fine and fitting appellation for the time being.

In the meantime this is our collection of all things farming related.  As the website is being launched before the farmstead is built, we don’t have a lot to say on the subject as yet. But as we learn and grow (figuratively and literally), we plan to document our experiences with these and other topics:

  • Crop planning (AKA Data entry made fun!)
  • Seed starting (and pleading, and cajoling…)
  • Intensive planting methods (Operation Crowd Out Weeds)
  • Gardening structures (Who knew a cloche wasn’t just a jaunty chapeau?)
  • Organic soil treatment (SCIENCE!!)
  • Composting (AKA Getting Your Poop in a Group using thermophillic, lasagne, and at some point even humanure method)
  • All things chicken! Or maybe ducks?  Both?
  • Goats? Like a certain brand of potato chip, we hear that no one can have just one…