Big Deal(s)…

Winter is a big deal in Maine. Like a boogeyman almost. Many times we've mentioned we're new to Maine only to have people grow a little quieter and ask "Have you spent a winter here?" From some of the looks in their eyes you wonder if they're thinking "Are these people going to go crazy? … Continue reading Big Deal(s)…


A Change of Age – A Change of Season

It's been a couple of weeks since we did an actual blog post. That was our anniversary of beginning the Ambling Full Tilt journey. What has happened since has included another anniversary of sorts; an "annibirthary" as Dani calls it. I'm now 40. From the day before, to the birthday, to the day after I … Continue reading A Change of Age – A Change of Season


...And we'll collect the moments one by one I guess that's how the future's done How many acres how much light Tucked in the woods and out of sight Talk to the neighbours and tip my cap On a little road barely on the map Old dirt road Knee deep snow Watching the fire as … Continue reading Mushaboom

Another Day (or Thirteen) on the “Farm”

Once we finally arrived and entered our abode to actually stay there, I was a little lost amidst the flow. After unloading only a couple items we hit in quick succession: Bug War: Part 3, patching the bedroom back up, deciding on a layout, unloading the mattress and laying the big pieces of the bedroom … Continue reading Another Day (or Thirteen) on the “Farm”

Ambling Full Done?!

The Ambling Full Tilt journey of 2015 (and early 2016) was a life-altering event. We uprooted ourselves from our then-comfortable home to begin the journey and then wound up in perpetual limbo; to quote Clarence "Frogman" Henry "I ain't got no home." Even as the Ambling Full Tilt journey wrapped up at the end of … Continue reading Ambling Full Done?!

Maine Maxims

Two plus months in Maine and there are some definite trends in differences we are noticing as we navigate around the state we now call home. Cash or CHECK?? - Yes, really. Square is for squares, apparently. It is more common for eateries and just about anyone else to happily take a check if you … Continue reading Maine Maxims

The Long and Winding Road…

Well, here we are. Maine. What a place to breathe a sigh of relief. What air to breathe in! After the most harrowing trip I've ever taken we made it to Maine without major incident, though it seemed disaster was always lurking behind the next corner. I had to take Charley to northern California to … Continue reading The Long and Winding Road…

And Up Next: Whaaaaaat?!

Capturing the ins and outs of each day is impossible. I've spent a huge amount of the last four days inspecting and overhauling Charley's trailer towing package. I started out knowing exactly nothing beyond there are such a thing as trailer brakes. The rabbit hole I've gone down renovating Charley's system is quite deep but … Continue reading And Up Next: Whaaaaaat?!

Waiting For Asparagus and Living “As If”

This past Friday, I was lamenting the fickle, seemingly  mean-spirited nature of some people as I stepped along the top of a narrow concrete curb conversing with our realtor about the latest development in our land quest. We were discussing possible outcomes and the sellers' motives when I spotted some peculiar looking stalks in between … Continue reading Waiting For Asparagus and Living “As If”

Land Ho!

It seems the missing piece of the story in many modern homesteading tales is how the protagonists found the land they ended up working. There are countless homesteaders out there, all trying to innovate their way through the vagaries of life. Many have published their live online, in print or both. But almost none of … Continue reading Land Ho!