And for Our Next Trick…

Finding time to write is very difficult when you work yourself to exhaustion every single day. In my last post I resorted to the last thing a writer wants to resort to: a bulleted list. Yet so much happens every single day that it's hard to conceive of a better way to communicate that we … Continue reading And for Our Next Trick…


Friends at Forty(ish)?

Welp, here we are. Right smack between Mid-Coast and Down East Maine. Milestones have been made. Progress is happening on schedule. Questions have been answered. Ceremonial whoopie pies have been consumed. The journey, nay, the Amble, we started on 13 August 2015 has reached it's conclusion. We're just waiting for the final piece of the … Continue reading Friends at Forty(ish)?

I Feel Like a Broken Record…

The relative quiet on our blog is due to lack of enthusiasm to share the unending stream of disappointments and seeming setbacks in our search for land. All along our hopes have seemed tenuous at best and that fosters a reluctance to share as we don't want to get others excited or ourselves to get … Continue reading I Feel Like a Broken Record…

It Is All Fun and Games!

The upcoming cross-country move is not going to be easy, but the hardest part will be only having walkie-talkies to keep in touch as we both drive much larger vehicles than we're used to. We had a plethora of navigational mishaps on our Ambling Full Tilt journey and that was with one of us always … Continue reading It Is All Fun and Games!

It’s Not All Fun and Games

The Adventure Versa went bye-bye today, like so many other significant things that have vanished. I sold my first guitar, a '77 Ibanez "lawsuit era" Les Paul. My first acoustic guitar, and Alvarez "Midnight Special" is also gone. I bought the first when I was 16, the second a few months later when I was … Continue reading It’s Not All Fun and Games

The Vagaries of the Search

As I mentioned in my last post, perhaps the reason the tales of finding land are rarely told is because they are so fraught with disappointments along the way. Spending time dwelling on them seems counterproductive. We have been rather silent over the past couple of weeks for a few reasons. Not the least of … Continue reading The Vagaries of the Search

Waiting For Asparagus and Living “As If”

This past Friday, I was lamenting the fickle, seemingly  mean-spirited nature of some people as I stepped along the top of a narrow concrete curb conversing with our realtor about the latest development in our land quest. We were discussing possible outcomes and the sellers' motives when I spotted some peculiar looking stalks in between … Continue reading Waiting For Asparagus and Living “As If”

Greetings From the Universe’s Waiting Room

There's a scene in Under the Tuscan Sun where Frances Mayes, in a moment of despair, laments having bought a house for a life she wants, but doesn't see on her horizon. Her Italian friend/realtor consoles her by telling her an  anecdote about a railway over the Alps that was built before there was a … Continue reading Greetings From the Universe’s Waiting Room


During the ten days of my Vipassana retreat, nine of which were spent in Noble Silence, the words Ambling Full Tilt did not occur to me until sometime during the last full day, when we had ended our silence and were sharing our stories among cabin mates and other attendees. It was strange and also … Continue reading Hiatus

Stream of Unconsciousness

The following is the entirety of my incredibly disjointed writing since Tulsa. Yesterday, after starting to cry somewhere in the middle of the Nevada desert, overwrought from the manic experience of less than 24 hours in Vegas and an emotional discussion of current affairs in America devolving into being overwhelmed with despair for the state … Continue reading Stream of Unconsciousness