C’est moi!

So, I turned 40. And that amounted to nothing much different except that we had a nice excuse to take a break on a couple of days to celebrate. Nothing was really speaking to me in terms of ways to properly mark the occasion until I learned that Buddy Wakefield had booked a show in … Continue reading C’est moi!


Picture Pages – Volume …Since September

When people ask what we've been up to, I find I'm always a bit dumbstruck and I can rarely enumerate more than a few items before trailing off and wondering to myself what HAVE we been up to lately. On the one hand, I know we're keeping plenty busy because I feel remarkably well-adjusted at … Continue reading Picture Pages – Volume …Since September

Remember, Remember!

The FOURTH of November??? No, that's not quite how it goes. But that is a significant date. Thanks to the annals of Facebook, we have recently realized that 4 November 2015 is the day we rolled into Tulsa, OK, which was an oasis of friends, family, and memories for me to share with Lance about … Continue reading Remember, Remember!

Not Eating the Couch

"I firmly believe that we all need to find something to do in our lives that stops us from eating the couch." ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear Rest assured, the couch is safe. For now. What Ms. Gilbert is referring to in the quote above is how a creative mind that isn't busy … Continue reading Not Eating the Couch

Picture Pages – Volume …

Some recent shots from recent weeks in our new homeland. First up are some from Liberty and Camden, ME, where we went adventuring to celebrate Lance's 40th a couple of weeks ago.                                     The following shots are from … Continue reading Picture Pages – Volume …

(Former) Residents of the Road

Last August 13th we were waking up in our hammocks in the back of Charley van. Having closed the door for the last time on our first place together two days prior, we were camped out in the driveway of a house my family was occupying at the time waiting for the designated start date … Continue reading (Former) Residents of the Road


...And we'll collect the moments one by one I guess that's how the future's done How many acres how much light Tucked in the woods and out of sight Talk to the neighbours and tip my cap On a little road barely on the map Old dirt road Knee deep snow Watching the fire as … Continue reading Mushaboom

Maine Maxims

Two plus months in Maine and there are some definite trends in differences we are noticing as we navigate around the state we now call home. Cash or CHECK?? - Yes, really. Square is for squares, apparently. It is more common for eateries and just about anyone else to happily take a check if you … Continue reading Maine Maxims

Friends at Forty(ish)?

Welp, here we are. Right smack between Mid-Coast and Down East Maine. Milestones have been made. Progress is happening on schedule. Questions have been answered. Ceremonial whoopie pies have been consumed. The journey, nay, the Amble, we started on 13 August 2015 has reached it's conclusion. We're just waiting for the final piece of the … Continue reading Friends at Forty(ish)?

“The last I heard…”

It started with Maria. When it comes right down to it, the whole business of Ambling Full Tilt, which gave way to the blog you are reading now, came about because my friend Maria sent me a link to a Craigslist ad her husband Patrick had found for a finished tiny house.  This sweet little home … Continue reading “The last I heard…”