Out of the Storms – Into the Unknown

We have not posted anything in a long, long time. We are still alive, though! 2017 was an eye-opening year. The reason we never did any blogging after last March - and we deleted our Facebook page later in the year - was simply life didn't let us maintain an online presence beyond Instagram. To … Continue reading Out of the Storms – Into the Unknown


One Month Down…

We're one month into 2017. Dani and I have been diligent in our work, although we have also made sure to get enough fun in to keep ourselves from going crazy. It's all been book work, online research, copious note taking and working with software. But the real, physical side of things are beginning to manifest. … Continue reading One Month Down…

A Look Back, a Look Forward

2016 opened with Dani and me quite a ways apart from each other. On January 1st I said goodbye to Green Gulch Farm of the San Francisco Zen Center. I had spent five days there as a rogue (unnofficial) volunteer in the kitchen, clandestinely sleeping in a very frigid Charley where I wasn't even supposed … Continue reading A Look Back, a Look Forward

Simple Solutions to Zeno’s Paradoxes?

This post is a celebration of nerdery; it's a sign that our hard labors are nearing their end for the season. I need mental exercise to keep my soul content much like Dani needs physical exercise to keep her body content. I got plenty of exercise in my tasks of our divide-and-conquer homesteading efforts this … Continue reading Simple Solutions to Zeno’s Paradoxes?

Big Deal(s)…

Winter is a big deal in Maine. Like a boogeyman almost. Many times we've mentioned we're new to Maine only to have people grow a little quieter and ask "Have you spent a winter here?" From some of the looks in their eyes you wonder if they're thinking "Are these people going to go crazy? … Continue reading Big Deal(s)…

A Change of Age – A Change of Season

It's been a couple of weeks since we did an actual blog post. That was our anniversary of beginning the Ambling Full Tilt journey. What has happened since has included another anniversary of sorts; an "annibirthary" as Dani calls it. I'm now 40. From the day before, to the birthday, to the day after I … Continue reading A Change of Age – A Change of Season


Time flies-crawls as we set up our homestead. Each day is so packed it feels like seven. But we've been here over a month and it feels like yesterday that we moved in. It finally feels like the emergencies are taken care of and, while it's nice not to feel boxed in by panic, one … Continue reading Impermanence

Another Day (or Thirteen) on the “Farm”

Once we finally arrived and entered our abode to actually stay there, I was a little lost amidst the flow. After unloading only a couple items we hit in quick succession: Bug War: Part 3, patching the bedroom back up, deciding on a layout, unloading the mattress and laying the big pieces of the bedroom … Continue reading Another Day (or Thirteen) on the “Farm”

Ambling Full Done?!

The Ambling Full Tilt journey of 2015 (and early 2016) was a life-altering event. We uprooted ourselves from our then-comfortable home to begin the journey and then wound up in perpetual limbo; to quote Clarence "Frogman" Henry "I ain't got no home." Even as the Ambling Full Tilt journey wrapped up at the end of … Continue reading Ambling Full Done?!

Fourth Time’s the Charm? It’s Higher Math…

We love beer. This is (perhaps painfully) obvious to anyone that knows us. So a beer that's truly special or unique to us is bound to have something notable about it. I posted here about one of the few pilgrimages we took on our Ambling Full Tilt journey: the only reason that we thought to … Continue reading Fourth Time’s the Charm? It’s Higher Math…