Out of the Storms – Into the Unknown

We have not posted anything in a long, long time. We are still alive, though! 2017 was an eye-opening year. The reason we never did any blogging after last March - and we deleted our Facebook page later in the year - was simply life didn't let us maintain an online presence beyond Instagram. To … Continue reading Out of the Storms – Into the Unknown


A Look Back, a Look Forward

2016 opened with Dani and me quite a ways apart from each other. On January 1st I said goodbye to Green Gulch Farm of the San Francisco Zen Center. I had spent five days there as a rogue (unnofficial) volunteer in the kitchen, clandestinely sleeping in a very frigid Charley where I wasn't even supposed … Continue reading A Look Back, a Look Forward

Not Eating the Couch

"I firmly believe that we all need to find something to do in our lives that stops us from eating the couch." ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear Rest assured, the couch is safe. For now. What Ms. Gilbert is referring to in the quote above is how a creative mind that isn't busy … Continue reading Not Eating the Couch

Another Day (or Thirteen) on the “Farm”

Once we finally arrived and entered our abode to actually stay there, I was a little lost amidst the flow. After unloading only a couple items we hit in quick succession: Bug War: Part 3, patching the bedroom back up, deciding on a layout, unloading the mattress and laying the big pieces of the bedroom … Continue reading Another Day (or Thirteen) on the “Farm”

Maine Maxims

Two plus months in Maine and there are some definite trends in differences we are noticing as we navigate around the state we now call home. Cash or CHECK?? - Yes, really. Square is for squares, apparently. It is more common for eateries and just about anyone else to happily take a check if you … Continue reading Maine Maxims

Friends at Forty(ish)?

Welp, here we are. Right smack between Mid-Coast and Down East Maine. Milestones have been made. Progress is happening on schedule. Questions have been answered. Ceremonial whoopie pies have been consumed. The journey, nay, the Amble, we started on 13 August 2015 has reached it's conclusion. We're just waiting for the final piece of the … Continue reading Friends at Forty(ish)?

“The last I heard…”

It started with Maria. When it comes right down to it, the whole business of Ambling Full Tilt, which gave way to the blog you are reading now, came about because my friend Maria sent me a link to a Craigslist ad her husband Patrick had found for a finished tiny house.  This sweet little home … Continue reading “The last I heard…”

The Long and Winding Road…

Well, here we are. Maine. What a place to breathe a sigh of relief. What air to breathe in! After the most harrowing trip I've ever taken we made it to Maine without major incident, though it seemed disaster was always lurking behind the next corner. I had to take Charley to northern California to … Continue reading The Long and Winding Road…

It’s Not All Fun and Games

The Adventure Versa went bye-bye today, like so many other significant things that have vanished. I sold my first guitar, a '77 Ibanez "lawsuit era" Les Paul. My first acoustic guitar, and Alvarez "Midnight Special" is also gone. I bought the first when I was 16, the second a few months later when I was … Continue reading It’s Not All Fun and Games

The Vagaries of the Search

As I mentioned in my last post, perhaps the reason the tales of finding land are rarely told is because they are so fraught with disappointments along the way. Spending time dwelling on them seems counterproductive. We have been rather silent over the past couple of weeks for a few reasons. Not the least of … Continue reading The Vagaries of the Search