When we first drank the Kool-Aid and decided to homestead, we had the foolish notion we would do so while living in a tiny house. It didn’t take long for us to realize that was completely impractical. However it DID take long enough for us to bother buying a tiny house trailer in California, then hauling it all the way across the country to Maine, only to realize we needed to sell it once we bought our place. But I digress…

The OMsteading title is an hOMage to Andrew and Gabriella Morrison whose self-designed and built tiny house they dubbed “hOMe.” Although we ended up not building a tiny house based on their design (per our original plan), the sentiment is still very much appreciated.

To homestead requires many things that just do not fit in a tiny house. We still believe in living small. But there’s a lower limit to what “small” is when you’re trying to live, not by the dollar, but by your wit and your sweat.

Here we will discuss the trials and (hopefully!) triumphs of ex-city folk living in a small, rural home on a “big” patch of land, trying to figure out this self-sufficiency thing. We hope to write soon on the following topics (and probably about nine million we haven’t even thought of yet):

  • Tool Usage (Simultaneous proof and mockery of how “far” we’ve evolved)
  • Budding builder challenges
  • Fencing (en garde!)
  • Farmlet structures (greenhouse, sheds, tire swings?)
  • Wells
  • Water catchment (and release?)
  • Waste water recycling
  • Off-grid electricity – AKA Harnessing the Elements!
  • Heating/air conditioning in a small space

In the mean time here are some articles we have written:

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