In hOMage to Andrew and Gabriella Morrison whose self-designed and built tiny house they dubbed “hOMe“, we submit that there is no place like Om. Om is where the heart is. Delicious food makes you say “Om, nOM, NOM”. Too much? We hOMbly apologize.

Here we will discuss the trials and triumphs of building and living in a non-traditional home. We are no longer building a “hOMe” style tiny house, but we love the name and the sentiment. It will take some time for us to build (hur hur) some content here. But our future plans the following topics and probably about nine million we haven’t even thought of yet.

  • Tool Usage (Simultaneous proof and mockery of how “far” we’ve evolved)
  • Budding builder challenges and coups!
  • Fencing (en garde!)
  • Farm structures (coops/chicken tractors, sheds, tire swings?)
  • Well, well, well…
  • Water catchment (and release?)
  • Waste water recycling (no joke)
  • Off-grid electricity – AKA Harnessing the Elements!
  • Heating/air conditioning in a tiny space (Ductless is just ducky!)

In the mean time here are the articles we have written: